Dear Scarlet On Your 5th Birthday

Dear Scarlet Jean, our Fancy Face, our sun kissed babe. Forever you are these names to us and the list keeps growing! You bring a tenderness into our family that we all feel so strongly. You display grace and love, forgiveness and kindness to each of your siblings and us! You are the worlds best big sister, another mummy to the girls and a wonderful little sister to Noah. (Always willing to play his adventure games). If I asked you to give away your last of anything you would do it without a complaint.

Oh my girl. It’s your day today. You’re 5. I dreamt of you since I was a small girl. Every girl wants and dreams of a daughter. And God in His great loving kindness gave me you. And now I know what you look like. I just had to wait 20 years to meet you and hold you in my arms. My dreams came true.

Scarlet you are a friend to everyone. You enjoy playing with anyone who is willing. I love being your friend Scarlet. You are one of my very best at that. Your imagination is wild and free like your hair! You create all sorts of new games to play everyday. When I catch you in a moment prancing on your toes down the hall or tenderly rocking your babies to sleep I know your beauty reigns true not just on the outside. Your heart feels deeply. You ache when you see someone in pain or being mistreated. You are seeing the realities of the world around you more now. I wish I could protect you forever. But you see it with wisdom beyond your years. You continue to bring Christ into your reasoning about sadness or pain in the world. You know very well why you need Jesus. I would pray for you as you grew in my belly child. I would pray He would be whispering sweet words into your being. 

Yes, my dear Angel Face- the future is bright for you. We pray for strength and patience in your life. We ask God for a gentleness of character but also boldness in what is right and true. Scarlet, we ask God for His hand of protection on you all of your days. May Jesus wrap you in the armour of God. That your life and body will be a sweet aroma, pleasing to the Lord. May God bless everything you put your hands to and give you the secret desires of your heart.

This year we pray for your growth to deepen in the knowledge and love of Jesus. 

May your future display tenderness to all people, leadership and unashamedly in love with your Saviour. 

Let’s go make another year of beautiful memories and moments together my girl. My fancy face. 


Love Mummy X


6 Months, trying her first solids in Paris!

Streets of London
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Age 3
4 Years

1 week from her 5th Birthday



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